Enough Is Enough! No More B.S.

B.S. The Book by Bart Smith

Get Healthy, Lose Weight & Overcome Personal B.S. With My Time-Tested B.S.-Busting Self-Help Strategies!

B.S. The Book Chapters


I took some of the HOTTEST B.S. TOPICS that, not only affect my life, but the lives of my friends, family, clients and casual acquaintances when it comes to B.S. and how it causes them stress, pain, setback, heartache, strife, poor health, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, you name it! B.S. is virtually EVERYWHERE! Well, not to worry! B.S. The Book is chock-full of my personal, spot-on, proven advice and time-tested mental strategies, as well as  highly usable tips on a wide range of life-enhancing subjects. All of which are designed to help empower you with extreme levels of “LETHAL CONFIDENCE” and an “UNSTOPPABLE POSITIVE ATTITUDE!”

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Chapter-1: Health & Fitness


  • Healthy Bodies Work Right, Think Right & Live Longer (p1)
  • Mixed Messages About What To Eat & What Not To Eat (p4)
  • What Are The Benefits Of Eating Right For Life? (p5)
  • Let Food Be Our Medicine (p6)
  • Ways To Eat Right For Life & Live Life Full Throttle! (p8)
  • Create Your Own B.S. “Food Pyramid” (p12)
  • Today’s Food Guide Pyramid (p14)
  • My B.S. Food Guide Pyramid (p15)
  • Grocery Shopping & Avoiding B.S. (p16)
  • Avoid Genetically Engineered Food (GEF) and All Their B.S. (p17)
  • Appliances For The Kitchen (p19)
  • Eating Out & Avoiding B.S. (p20)
  • Drink Only The Good Stuff & Avoid B.S. (p22)
  • What NOT To Drink: The Bad Stuff! (p23)
  • Got Milk? ? Got B.S.? (p24)
  • Drink More Water, Water, Water (p25)
  • “Coffee Anyone?”/”None For Me, Thank You.” (p27)
  • My Personal Diet … It ROCKS For Me!!! (p28)
  • What’s For Dinner At Bart’s House? (p30)
    • Phad Thai Noodle Dish (p31)
    • Sautéed Sweet Potatoes, Salmon (or Chicken) … (p32)
    • Spinach Salad With Either Chicken, Salmon, … (p32)
    • Flavored Soup(s) With Chicken, Black Beans & … (p33)
    • Homemade “Freshly Topped” Pizza (p34)
    • Sandwiches For Lunch/Snack/Dinner (p36)
    • My World Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies (p38)
    • Party Smoothies Recipe (p40)
  • If You Want To Lose Weight, Do It Right & Avoid B.S. (p42)
  • Diet & Weight Loss “Commercial B.S.” (p43)
  • *NEW* Diet Products/Programs Come Out EveryDAY! (p44)
  • My Philosophy On “Weight Loss” (p44)
  • Are There Secrets To Weight Loss? (p45)
  • What Causes Weight Gain? (p45)
  • How Can You Lose Weight Safely & Naturally? (p46)
  • What About Weight Maintenance? (p47)
  • Extreme Approaches To Weight Loss! (p47)
  • When It Comes To Losing Weight & Feeling Great (p48)
  • My Formula For Losing Weight (p52)
  • How Can You Tell If You’re Losing Weight? (p54)
  • Forget Pills & Juice For Real Energy (p54)
  • Bart’s “Protein Shake” Recipe (p56)
  • GREENS FIRST® & 15+ Servings Of Fruits & Vegetables! (p57)


  • Get Fit Now: Fitness For Optimum Health (p59)
  • Fitness Time Is Really “Play Time!” (p59)
  • The Benefits Of Exercising (p60)
  • The Consequences Of Not Exercising (p62)
  • Get Psyched For Fitness (p62)
  • Safety, Safeguards & Precautions (p62)
  • Getting Started (p63)
  • What To Wear! (p63)
  • When To Workout! (p63)
  • Worth Keeping In Mind … (p63)
  • Where To Work Out (p64)
  • My Personal Philosophy About Working Out (p66)
  • Bart’s Personal Exercise Routine! (p66)
  • Bart’s “A.A.B.B.” Workout Routine (p67)
  • Buying Exercise Equipment & Avoiding Buyer B.S. (p72)
  • In Conclusion (p72)


  • The History Of Medicine (p75)
  • Why Should You Take Better Care Of Yourself? (p76)
  • Control Your Medical Costs, … (p76)
  • Anti-Aging & All That B.S. (p77)
  • Psycho/Prescriptions, OTC* Medication & Pharma B.S. (p79)
  • Take Care Of Your Teeth Or Buy New Ones! (p82)
  • I Brush My Teeth With … Tooth Soap® (p84)

B.S. The Book by Bart Smith

Chapter 2: Self Help From B.S.

  • Self-Improvement For The Mind & Your “Attitude!” (p91)
  • If You Want To Change, Where Do You Start? (p91)
  • Top 7 Ways To Overcome B.S. In Life Almost Instantly! (p92)
  • 201+ Attitudes & Affirmations That Run Through My Brain Every Day! (p94)
  • Want More Affirmations? You Got It! (p110)
  • More “Bart Builders” (p110)
  • Ask & You Shall Receive (p114)
  • Be Different (Be You) (p115)
  • Control Your Rage & Anger (p116)
  • Conviction (p117)
  • Depression & All That B.S. (p118) 
  • The Depression Pit (p120)
  • Identifying The Source Of Depression (p121)
  • Does Your Life/Situation Suck? (p121)
  • Don’t Give Up (p124)
  • Don’t Look Back (p124)
  • Live In The Now! Right Now! (p124)
  • Dreams (p124)
  • Either Way, You’re Gonna Feel The Pain! (p125)  HOT!
  • Embarrassment & That B.S. (p125)
  • Envy, Jealousy & That B.S. (p126)
  • My “F.M.” Solution For Overcoming People’s B.S. (p126)  HOT!
  • Financial Affirmations (p126)
  • “Forget Passion” & “Get Pissed” (p130)  HOT!
  • Hard Times (p133)
  • How To Live (p134)
  • Humble Your Ego, Cool Your Ego & Arrogance (p134)
  • Improve Your Memory (p134)
  • If It’s Meant To Be, So Be It! (p136)
  • I’m Not Paid To Be Your Therapist! (p137)  HOT!
  • Lethal Confidence! Where Does It Come From & How Do You GetYours? (p137)  HOT!
  • Life Business Plan (p139)
  • The Wheel Of Life (p145)
  • Talk Less, Listen More … Here’s Why! (p147)
  • Music For Every Mood (p150)
  • Multi-Tasking (p152)
  • No One Can Hurt You! Here’s Why/How! (p153)  HOT!
  • Opinions (p155)
  • Passion For Living (p156)
  • Perspective (Seeing Life Through Someone Else’s Eyes) (p157)  HOT!
  • Should I or Shouldn’t I? My Pro/Con Stay/Go Chart) (p158)  HOT!
  • Suicidal Tendencies & Suffering B.S. (p159)  HOT!
  • Trust No One – Suspect Everyone (p163)  HOT!
  • What’s On Your “Bucket List?” (p164)
  • What Else? Where Else Do You Suffer From B.S.? (p165)  HOT!
  • Your Heart & Mind Are Your Castle (Be Careful …) (p165)  HOT!
  • Who Cares? / I Could Care Less! (p166)
  • ACTUALLY? I DO CARE! (p167)  HOT!

B.S. The Book by Bart Smith

Chapter 3: Faith & More

  • The Importance Of Faith (p171)
  • Are You Religious or Spiritual? (p171)
  • Why Are Rules Important? (p174)
  • Why are we here? What am I supposed to do … (p175)
  • What (or Who) Is God? (p176)
  • Why Is There Such A Decline In Religion Today? (p178)
  • Why Don’t People Like Going To Church? (p179)
  • How Can Faith Save You From Addictions, Inner Torments & Other Forms Of Mental/Physical B.S.? (p180)
  • What Should You Do If You Want Spiritual Wisdom Through Religion? (p181)
  • A Life In Balance (p183)
  • Abundance (p184)
  • Positivity & Being Positive (p185)
  • Count Your Blessings (p185)
  • Humility (p186)
  • Love, Loving & Being Loved (p187)
  • Quiet Time & Meditation (p188)
  • Strength (p189)
  • Time (p189)
  • Wisdom From The Ages (p190)
  • Grieving? Words For Those Left Behind! (p199)
  • Death & Dealing With Your Own (p200)

B.S. The Book by Bart Smith

Chapter 4: Relationship B.S.

  • Give To Yourself “First,” So You Can Give To Others (p205) HOT!
  • Getting Along With Others, Loving Life & The Ones … (p206)
  • Making A “World Of Difference” In “One Person” At A Time! (p207)
  • Watch What You Say, Which Can Take Seconds, But Can Last A Lifetime! (p209)
  • Resolving Conflict (p211)
  • Communication Is Key To Avoid B.S. (p213)
  • Family: My Definition: (Under/Over 18; Would We … (p215)  HOT!
  • Parenting: My Thoughts, Observations, Perspectives, Advice & Suggestions (p217)  HOT!
  • Another Point Of View About Children (a.k.a., “Temporary Residents” & Their Options When They Turn 18 Years Of Age! Tough Love & Options!) (p223) HOT!
  • More Family Relationship B.S. Tips (p226)
  • Children (p226)
  • Absent Fathers / Absent Mothers (p230)
  • Ten Ways To Be A Great Dad (p231)
  • Mothers (p232)
  • Siblings (p233)
  • Nephews, Nieces & Cousins (p234)
  • Grandparents (p234)
  • Step-Parenting & Step-Children B.S. (p235)
  • Jealousy & Envy Are Total B.S. (p236)  HOT!
  • Cheaters & Two-Timing B.S. (p237)
  • When Things Don’t Work Out (p238)
  • What Do Women Want Most From Men? (p239)
  • Unhappy With The One You’re With? (p240)
  • Abusive Relationships (p242)
  • Mean, Nasty & Jealous Exes & Their B.S. (p243)  HOT!
  • Divorce B.S., Court Rooms & The Law (p244)
  • 5 Ways To Help Children Through Divorce (p244)
  • Starting Over (p245)
  • Friends, Best Friends & Soul Mates (p246)
  • Making Friends & Keeping Them! (p247)
  • Co-Worker, Customer, Client, Boss & Associate B.S. (p247)
  • How To Deal Tactfully With Marketers & Solicitors (p248)  HOT!
  • Invoice People (& Companies) Who Bug You, Seriously! (p249)  HOT!
  • In-Laws & Their Potential B.S. (p250)  HOT!
  • Enemies & Dealing With Their B.S. (p252)
  • Fighting, Arguing, Screaming & Yelling (p256) HOT!
  • Situation “A” / Somebody Wants To Fight You! (p256)
  • Situation “B” / You Want To Fight Somebody! (p257)
  • Loneliness (p257)
  • Looking For That Special Someone? (p258)
  • Longevity (p259)
  • When Someone Yells At You (How To Deal With That B.S.) (p260)  HOT!
  • Outcasted? Banished by Friends or Family? How To Win Them Back or Simply Fu’get About Their B.S. (p261)  HOT!
  • Silent Treatments, The Dog House & Intellectual Punishments (p263)  HOT!

B.S. The Book by Bart Smith

Meet The Author

BART SMITH is a self-starting, life-affirming young man. An entrepreneur at heart, Bart lives and works in sunny Southern California and wherever else he may roam. As a self-made man with big dreams and simple tastes, Bart Smith has a vision: to blaze a trail throughout the world, busting up B.S., shaking things up and leaving his indelible mark on the world in which he was born.

Bart quietly yearns for a quantum leap in thought, life and living; something less baffling than the current paradigm.

I’ll take the road less traveled, thank you very much!

Tired of all the fluff and bull, lies, cheats and scams, Bart yearned to fight back by sharing his life views, philosophies and helpful tips and tricks for living life free of B.S. in Bart Smith!

Life didn’t come with a ‘owner’s manual.’ So, I had to write my own. My thoughts, my views, my philosophies, my tips, tricks, licks and tactics for living life and surviving the daily grind of mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and financial B.S., which all of us face, in one form or another.

B.S.The Book is a down-to-earth, honest, easy-to-follow, hands-on, no-holes-barred, one-stop-learning/living system and power-packed approach to living life free of B.S.

I wrote B.S. The Book for ME, and I wrote it for YOU! B.S. The Book is my personal life reference, resource guide loaded with my personal tips, hand-made lists, to-the-point ‘life surviving’ tactics, formulas and systems that are sure to help rid B.S. from your life like it does mine!

Bart Smith is dedicated to helping others achieve the most out of life, health, business and beyond by sharing his resources, insights, knowledge and attitude on life.

Bart Smith enjoys socializing with others, reading, writing, music/concerts, and indoor/outdoor sports, the occasional margarita/ale on draft, and is your all-around self-starter, entrepreneur, funny man, and motivator in all his endeavors.

So, if you’re tired of putting up with the B.S. in your life, then grab a shovel and turn the page. Bart Smith is going to show you just how you too can bury all the B.S. you want in his exciting new book … B.S.The Book!

Bart Smith, Author of B.S. The Book

Why I Wrote B.S. The Book

LEARNING FROM OTHERS IS A GREAT WAY TO MAKE LIFE A LOT EASIER. Ever have a friend show you a better way of doing something or a quicker way to get to your final destination? Well that’s what B.S.The Book is all about.

At first glance, you might think I have a lot to say about everything. Well, I do! There’s an ever-increasing amount of B.S. out there in the world today with little sign of it slowing down.

Simply stated, I felt I had witnessed enough B.S. intruding on the lives of my friends, family, neighbors, strangers, lovers and enemies alike, that I had to take a stand on it, rise above it and state for the record that “this world is full of it and I’ve had enough of its B.S. and I’m not going to take anymore!”


My mission, and that of my book, is to share my personal insights, resources, experience, attitude and perspective on life, living and surviving it. I will also share how I personally cut through my own load of BULL life deals me on a daily basis. Take what you want, leave what you don’t.

Bart Smith, Author of B.S. The BookThe source of my material comes from my own knowledge bank, life experiences and many, many hours, days and years of research and keen observations of life and living it myself. I would like to believe I live out about 90% of what you read in this book, as it is a true “part of me.” The remaining 10%, I hold in reserve for when I need it most or I simply researched other topics in the book I thought would be interesting and worth sharing with you.

Hundreds of thousands of people one day will read B.S. The Book cover to cover, over and over again. Why? Because it is filled with practical, useful information that is ultimately positive, empowering, informative, entertaining and motivating.

Writing B.S. The Book wasn’t work so much as it was therapy for me and a real joy! See if you too enjoy reading B.S. The Book as much as I did in writing it. B.S. The Book will always be a “work in progress.” That’s a good thing. As I intend to continue my research and quest for knowledge and truth for the rest of my life.

The more B.S. I uncover, the more B.S. I expose, the more I will share my findings, research and insights with you helping to make your life easier, more relaxed and hopefully, more enjoyable. Visit my website, www.BreakThroughBS.com for updates! So, in advance, I look forward to a long and rewarding friendship between you and I. With so much to say, I practice what I preach and I stand by my word. Look into my heart, my mind and spirit and you will find the truth in me every time.

Here’s to your life, your success and happiness! All of which, are in your total control after reading this book!


Bart Smith, Author
B.S. The Book!

B.S. I would like to hear from you! If you have an experience, story or comment about how B.S. The Book positively changed your life, I would like to hear from you. Just contact me at my website with your B.S., uh, I mean, story.

“Whether for information, argument or entertainment, the book is considered a repository. One expects the contents of a book to be available beyond the immediate moment … for days or years or generations into the future.” – Leonard Shatzkin

It is my hope that B.S. The Book, might in some way, live up to this standard, which should be the standard for all good books of lasting worth.

B.S. The Book by Bart Smith

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